About Renick Performance

Renick Performance Industry History

The Renick family has been involved in the automotive industry since the 1930s, with their first Packard dealership in Long Beach, California. In the 1940s the Renick’s purchased a second Packard dealership and located it in Fullerton, California. In 1952, they exchanged Packard for Cadillac. In the early 1970s the Renick’s owned and managed the largest Maserati Franchise in Southern California. The Renick’s founded the first Maserati Owners Group and joined it with SoCal Ferrari Club which is still alive and thriving today.  

In the 1980s The Renick’s Purchased the “Tiga” Sports 2000 Race Car franchise. Tiga was a race car focusing on handling and aero dynamics over large horsepower. The Renicks organized and ran the Sports 2000 Race Series, as well as, being the builder of choice and support team for most of the race teams in the Sports 2000 Series. At the same time the Renick’s were racing in the Camel GT series with great success. 

In the year 2000 the Renick’s expanded their brand offerings by purchasing Huntington Beach Subaru and relocated the dealership to Fullerton, California. In 2001 Renick opened Renick Motorsports geared around Subaru Performance to offer parts, installation and tuning.  From 2001 to 2008 Renick Motorsports lead the race for the highest quality in parts and service in Subaru Performance Parts. 

In 2013 the fourth generation of the Renick family; James Renick Jr. founded Renick Performance an engineering company focusing on suspension, aerodynamics and performance parts. The engineering is focused and dedicated to General Motors Performance cars (Cadillac CTS-V & ATS-V, Chevrolet Camaro). Renick Performance has teamed up with industry leaders to bring a premium performance product to market. 

Renick Performance was founded on the premise that handling, aerodynamics and thermo efficiency comes before brute horsepower. Renick Performance brings the near 60 years of “Renick” excellence to the performance parts and tuning market. Be part of our 40 year involvement in motorsports and become part of the Renick Performance family. 

A Little More About the Renick Family

The Renick Family has served our country dating all the way back to the Civil War. Every generation of the Renick family has either served in the United States Military or Local California Police Departments. The Renick’s are huge supporters of our freedom along with 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights. Please let us know if YOU are active Military, Fire or Law Enforcement because the Renick’s love and support what YOU DO!

About Renick Performance

Renick Performance was founded upon the idea that the Renick’s could not find high enough quality performance parts support for the Cadillac V-Series cars.Through the Corvette and Cadillac V-Series community the Renick’s started receiving calls from friends and motorsports acquaintances asking them to engineering parts for the Cadillac and Corvette motorsports enthusiasts . After repeated inquires from friends and motorsports partners James Renick Jr and partners, opened “Renick Performance” nicknamed "RP". 

Renick Performance is comprised of a 12 talented individuals who work to bring you premium service and quality standards. With 40 years of combined motorsport experience the Renick Performance team is here to bring you a premium products and service at an affordable price. 


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