RP Water to Air Intercooler
RP Water to Air Intercooler
RP Water to Air Intercooler
RP Water to Air Intercooler
RP Water to Air Intercooler

RP Water to Air Intercooler

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 RP Water to Air Intercooler kit. (AKA-W2A)

The Solidworks picture is accurate depiction of the final product. The production unit is fully billet CNC'ed with two BELL water to air cores. This unit has been designed for extreme levels of boost and efficiency. Less welds more strength. 

Why should you upgrade your Water to Air Intercooler? One main reason above all others. The OEM Water to Air intercooler only seals itself to about 60% of the intake manifold. There is about 25mm X 6mm gap between the core and the manifold in four locations between the OEM cores and the intake manifold. This flaw in the design makes the car incapable of cooling charge air efficiently in any configuration; stock or modified. 

We ran into the limits fairly early with the OEM water to air intercooler. So we started looking at a way to fix the issues we found and make the kit simpler to install than the OEM unit. 

The RP water to air intercooler is designed for the RP Remote Mount turbo kit. This kit is what a dedicated racer/tuner would choose. 


a) Its designed by Renick so its been tested over and over. Validated in extreme conditions. 

b) The intercooler boasts two oversized BELL cores rated to over 1000HP of cooling.

c) The RP W2A has a large rubber seal on the bottom of the intecooler core. This rubber seal runs the entire inner surface, between the manifold and the brick cores. 

d) The Hoses, wiring, solenoids are all relocated to cleaner more assemble locations. The vacuum lines all run in a common loom for track side diagnoses or track side serviceability. The "jump" bottle for the solenoids is remote located to a aluminum bottle with billet ports on the passenger chassis bar. 

e) The coolant tank is remotely located beside the intercooler pump and RP catch can. Out of the way and out of any sight unless you know what you are looking for. 

f) The fill cap is the highest point of the intercoolers water system. Any operator can fill the system and purge the bubbles with little to no effort or experience. 

g) The kit comes fully assembled. The hose loom and brand new GM solenoids are all installed. Each line is labeled to each port in the "jump bottle". All the water lines are AN or barb and require no special tools. 

h) RP W2A has two NPT bungs for NOS or H20/Meth injection. 

i) The RP W2A will only take the mildly experience home installer about 1 hour to fully install the kit. Another 30 mins to fill and bleed the system.