ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos
ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos

ATS-V 1000HP+ Turbo Kit with Borg Warner Turbos

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Renick Performance spent more than two years of due process in testing and validation between Built built OEM turbos, casting new turbos to fit OEM, and remote mounting a kit for universal motorsport turbos. 

Our customer base is vast. Vast in the ways of how and what each customer wants out of his/her ATS-V. At first we looked at the options of built OEM turbos. We tested a few sets of built units and found the many negatives. Quickly we found outputs to be incredibly limited, reliability subpar for motorsport, journal seep leading to smoke, wastegate rattle, and worst of all labor would be massively intensive.

The next option was to cast our own units with BW cores. Quickly we figured out the expense would limit us to only one option in size, leaving many of customers left out for special needs or specs to race a class or event. Not to mention incredibly labor intensive OEM unit location. This approach left no option for track side turbo exchange. The OEM locations make the labor so much more difficult than a traditional remote kit.

We set our eyes on a true universal kit for the Borg Warner B-frames. The kit would need to be 100% compatible with all the RP bolt on parts with limited grinding or modifications.

We chose a set of BW6758's, each turbo is good for 500+ (BW is very conservative on output rating. ANY B-1 frame turbo fits the kit.) Horsepower per turbo with spool times to "peak boost" as fast as the stock MHI units found on the LF4. This turbo was chosen due to its wide, usable, stable power range.

For the customer desiring between 700-850 horse power horsepower the turbo performs flawlessly. For the customer who wants to crank it to 1000 horsepower, the 6758 will achieve the numbers over and over again with the same response

If the customer would like to go past the 1000 wheel horse power level, there are two more turbos in the B-1 Frame above 6758. (XDI fuel pumps are will be available to supply this level of power. Please call James directly.)

The BW EFR line of turbos are off the shelf, available, at almost all the big retailers. This turbo is rebuildable with replacement parts in most places available next day delivery. We chose this unit due to its suitability to any and all track series, or user requirements. 

The RP1000 kit is 100% bolt on. Our RP1000 unit comes with the following-

1. Two BW 6258/6758/7163 super core turbos with modified compressor housing snouts 

2. Two downpipes to fit to the RP Mid-Section or the RP Turbo back exhaust. 

3. Two Intake extension tubes to allow for RP intake fitment with silicone couplers and clamps.

4. Two Extra Thick wall stainless steel collector pipes with CNC flanges from 1NE Head to T25.

5. Two replacement Engine mounts made from laser cut stainless steel with Urethane bushings. These are to delete the active mounts on the car which take up much needed space. (NO CEL or Codes occur when capping off the active mount air lines) The RP1000 kit engine mounts act as a turbo pedestal for the BW units and the Italian (RB Group) oil scavenging system. The new turbo locations allows the end user to service the turbos as easy as changing a oil filter. The air flow in the new location also brings added thermal performance.  

6. 8 custom oil and water stainless steel braided lines  "In" and "Out"  with SFI rated fire proof protective coverings. All conversion to GM blocks thread to AN is provided.  All seals and GM gaskets are provided. 

7. Two Charge pipe extension tubes with silicone couplers and clamps. 

8. Italian custom spec'ed oil scavenging pump system, wiring harness, and required AN fittings and relays. 

This is a dedicated motorsports turbo kit and requires serious levels of mechanical understanding and experience. Tuning should only done by a seasoned and tenured LF4 tuner that RP approves of. We help tuners in our network of dealers with preliminary tables and changes. 

From the time of order please expect 4 week lead time. Please call James for pre-order promo code. 


*************** 214-493-0527 **************

(***This system only requires one small modification. Dremel a 3mm half circle in the metal near the driver side turbo waste gate actuator on the body joint.***) 

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