Turbosmart Vee Port EM Blow Off Valve Ford F-150 EcoBoost/Raptor 2.7L & 3.5L (2013-Current)
Turbosmart Vee Port EM Blow Off Valve Ford F-150 EcoBoost/Raptor 2.7L & 3.5L (2013-Current)

Turbosmart Vee Port EM Blow Off Valve Ford F-150 EcoBoost/Raptor 2.7L & 3.5L (2013-Current)

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The Turbosmart Vee Port EM for the F-150 is designed as a plug and play replacement valve to suit both the 2.7 and 3.5L EcoBoost V6 variants

Turbosmart won the coveted SEMA Award for Performance-Street New Product, 2018 with the Kompact EM (Electro-Mechanical) valve, combining full electronic control and integration with the proven reliability and performance of a mechanical Blow Off Valve.

Simply remove your factory valve from the bayonet style fitting & screw in the Turbosmart Vee Port EM – Plug in to the factory connecter & you’re on your way. Turbosmart has taken the EM technology and adapted it to the much loved Vee Port body, featuring a 38mm hard anodized piston to produce a direct bolt-on EM Blow Off Valve for the Ford F150 Ecoboost.

The EM Range features patent pending technology that allows full electronic integration with the original system, replacing a design known for its weakness over the life of a vehicle & limitations in high performance environments.The Turbosmart EM solution provides a positive mechanical seal against boost and the performance benefits of their proven boost-balance piston technology.

Traditionally, a mechanical valve would require an external boost reference which means more hardware & more changes to your car. The EM valve eliminates this need by using an internal reference from the underside of the valve & a patented and gated control system which is electrically actuated by a high speed solenoid. So unlike ‘other’ valve, the EM bolts directly in place of the factory unit  & plugs into the factory connector, without any fuss.

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