Ford 2011+ F-150 Raptor OEM 3.5L Ecoboost Twin Turbo Install Kit

Ford 2011+ F-150 Raptor OEM 3.5L Ecoboost Twin Turbo Install Kit

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This kit comes with all-new Ford O.E.M gaskets and all the necessary installation hardware for both turbochargers. We put this kit together to make the installation of your new F-150 twin turbos quick, easy, and convenient.

Don’t try to reuse the factory gaskets or hardware. There really is nothing worse than installing new turbos on your truck and then just when you think you’re done, you have to take them back off because of a leaking gasket. Brand new O.E.M gaskets and hardware is absolutely the way to go. These are compatible with all stock location upgrade turbos and O.E.M replacement Turbos.


(2) Downpipe flange to turbo gasket
(2) Downpipe flange
(4) Downpipe studs
(4) Downpipe to turbo nuts
(6) Turbo to exhaust manifold bolt. (3) each turbo to ex manifold
(1) Turbo to Exhaust manifold gasket right side
(1) Turbo to Exhaust manifold gasket left side
(2) Oil flange gasket for each turbo
(4) Oil flange bolts. 2 for each turbo

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