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Camaro 6 CKS Coilover System

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Renick Performance CKS coilovers are built using only the highest grade materials. The upper mounts, lower mounts and spring perch are made out of 6061 T6 aluminum, and rely on SWIFT springs and SCM440 hardened piston rods. Giving you a smooth yet solid feeling ride, no matter if your driving through city pot holes, or racing on a track at 100+ mph.  The bottom line is that after years of development, CKS gives you a one of a kind coilover with peace of mind. CKS coilovers are the most reliable, safest and highest performing coilovers on the market. Renick Performance has a great working relationship with CKS and worked closely with them to build the ALPHA Platform kits.

Renick Performance offers CKS Kits in three different setups: Street, Street/Track and Full Race.  This allows you to pick how aggressive you want your coiler valving.  They also offer 24 way dampening adjustability with a 9kg spring rate on the front and 12kg spring rate on the rear, making these CKS coilovers the easy choice for a fully adjustable coilovers kit.

ATS            RP-AL-CA01

ATSV          RP-AL-CA01-V

CTS            RP-CV-CA02

CTS-V        RP-CV-CA02-V

Camaro      RP-CA-CH01 


    6061 T6 aluminum Pillow ball upper mount with hard anodized forged aluminum camber plates

    Hard anodized forged aluminum spring perch, locking perch

    IP F.1A. 5W shock oil ( Optional high viscosity race oil also available )

    HV900+ high strength steel suspension shaft  

    SWIFT springs and SCM440 hardened piston rod spring perches

    3 different setups, STREET, STREET/TRACK, FULL RACE

    24 way dampening adjustability

    Forged Aluminum upper mount

    Forged Aluminum lower mount

    Forged Aluminum perch

    Mono tube designed (JIS G3345-STKM13C seamless steel shock body) ( 52 mm)

      •     Mono tube design so shock /spring travel and spring rate will remain consistent no matter ride height (Optional forged aluminum shock body available)

    Integrated dust boot to protect shaft with built in bump stop

    Optional Swift springs

Please contact us to order. These coilovers are custom built to the customers specs. The Renick Performance Team.