ATS-V Charge Pipe / Tial BOV

ATS-V Charge Pipe / Tial BOV

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The Renick Performance Charge pipe kit with TIAL QRJ Blow Off Valves. Renick Performance decided early on in the testing of the RP ATS-V, that the OEM charge pipes needed to go for multiple reasons.

  1. The OEM charge pipes have a built in resonator that muffles any sound of turbo “WHOOSH”. To many (Including our team at RP) the harmonics of a turbocharger are a harmonious sound and we would rather hear it!
  2. The OEM BOV uses a very special fitting like nothing else and the surrounding space/angle is not hospitable for many aftermarket BOV options. For many of us RB26 fans and 2JZ fans yes, we want options to play with. Renick Performance has you covered. 
  3. The OEM GM BOV has ZERO sound… and bleeds boost.. The RP TIAL “QRJ” has a very robust sound and isn't to loud in full-recirc. When coupled with the RP CAI you will be able to hear the BOV dumps clearly.

The Renick Performance Charge Pipes have laser cut OEM style flanges and have mandrel bent aluminum high strength tubing. RP tried and tested many positions to mount the “TIAL”/“TurboSmart” style 38.5mm V-band fitting. We mounted the V-Band in the most spacious location possible. This fitting will couple to any TIAL BOV. 

After close collaboration with TIAL SPORT on this kit, we chose to use the TIAL “QRJ” Blow Off Valve. Our kit comes with all the correct hoses and fittings to integrate the RP Charge pipe kit with the OEM intakes or the RP CAI kit. The TIAL “QRJ” BOV is second to none quality product. The QRJ will hold boost until the solenoid actuates the valve to open, not like the OEM valve. 

The GM OEM valve is made of a two part injection molded plastic. Inside is a flimsy rubber stopper with a 2 pound spring and a plastic guide rod. After testing the OEM valve for countless hours and cutting one in half, we found the edges of the rubber stopper (inside the body) were lifting at around 5-8 PSI. The solenoid was not demanding dump but the OEM valve was bleeding boost back to the intake pipes. Even worse, both sides would bleed boost at different rates, this made for an inefficient system. 

When we installed the RP charge pipes with the TIAL “QRJ” BOV’s, the ATSV held perfect boost all the way to the computer limited point of dump. The TIAL BOV’s are made from 100% billet aluminum. The BOV pistons are made to incredibly tight tolerances to ensure a perfectly even rise & fall inside the BOV body. The Billet BOV pistons will ensure boost bleed is problem of the past. The Renick Performance TIAL BOV kit is a 100% OEM Fitment and requires NO SPECIAL tuning if you route the “Dumped” air to the intake recirc. The RP Charge Pipe with TIAL “QRJ” BOV is 100% emissions compliant if kept in full-recirc.

RP Charge-pipe kits are shipped with the following hardware. All RP V-Series products come in wrinkle black powder coat.  

  1. RT/LT charge pipes
  2. RT/LT gaskets
  3. Qty 2 V-Band clamps 
  4. Qty 2 V-Band Viton O-Rings
  5. Qty 2 V-Band fittings for QRJ
  6. Qty 2 Barbed vacuum fittings
  7. Qty 2 QRJ BOV bodies
  8. Qty 2 hose clamps