ATS-V Axle-Back Exhaust System

ATS-V Axle-Back Exhaust System

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The Renick Performance Axle-Back exhaust.

The Renick Performance competition muffler (Axel-back) was designed for maximum track performance with a distinct sport exhaust sound. The RP mufflers are a true, three inch, free flow design utilizing race technology for optimum performance. The RP competition mufflers use the OEM valve technology integrated for the user to retain the sport control function inside the cabin.

Sport and track mode will open the valve and by-pass the muffler altogether. The Comfort mode will send the exhaust through the muffler for a quieter sound but more sport focused over stock.

The Renick Performance Axle-Back exhaust does not need a tune if the stock downpipes and cats are still inline. The Renick Performance Cat-Back exhaust will give a stock tuned ATS-V more responsive throttle feel and an aggressive sound. The Renick Performance Axle-Back exhaust will give you increased horse power and torque over the stock set up.